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About Us


Galba Forge is  run by

Philippe and  Marie-Claude Ravenel


Our Story

Where it all began

Philippe learned the blacksmithing trade in his native country of Switzerland

In 2004 he migrated to Australia and worked for 18 months for the well-known blacksmith Hans Schappi, in Asquith. There he widened his knowledge, specialising in winding balustrades. Then in 2006 he established his own workshop near the “working village” of Cobargo in the Bega Valley, down the Far South Coast of NSW.

Philippe’s specialises in the decorative and rare art-form of plaited iron. This process gives his work a unique look. As each piece is individually hand-crafted, differences between pieces are inevitable and are part of their uniqueness.

Philippe’s preferred metal finish aims at keeping a natural look and at saving the texture of the wrought metal. To care for these pieces it is usually best to keep them out of wet areas or humidity. Upon request a specific treatment or material may be used to allow the piece to be used in salty or wet environments.

Philippe also does restoration work on many different metals such as cast iron, brass, bronze or copper.